When Boudoir Reaches new heights

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Have you ever wanted to get a boudoir session done, but just can’t afford it? What if I told you, you can still have that luxury experience, but at a price point that suits you and your needs?

Now introducing the most client friendly way to a boudoir experience without breaking the bank!

Let’s Talk about how this works

Boudoir that’s not going to put you in debt while still getting what you want!

Now you’re probably thinking to yourself, “Stefanie how the hell is this going to work for everyone? It’s quite simple! YOU PAY WHAT YOU WANT! Now this does not mean you pay $100 and you’ll get everything you want.

The way this system will work is there is a minimum payment of $500 which will include a few different things. There will be session add-ons as well, but during your phone consultation we will go through everything from how much you’re willing too invest in yourself to what you’re most interested in including in your session. My mission is up uplift and empower women, not put them into mass amount of debt.

Tell me about the process

The process is extremely simple! We will get on the phone together and talk about your budget and what you are willing to invest in yourself. Being a consumer in everyday life as well, I know how horrible inflation has been and how difficult investing in yourself has been lately. That being said, there is still a set price on certain items, but possible wiggle room in others. As stated above, my mission within my boudoir business is to uplift, empower & support all women of shape, size, race, colour, age, etc.

However, due to these changes, the non-refundable retainer has gone up $50, but this also gives you the basic package without any upgrades. Please keep in mind, with these changes I will no longer be offering hair & makeup within the initial cost. However it will now be an add-on within the session A La Carte along with a few other options to make your experience as luxurious as you’d like.

Now is the time to invest in yourself without breaking the bank ! To uplift, support & empower!