Carson & Emily were such an adorable couple to work with! and the surprises that came out of this session put the cherry on top of this session! I met Carson and Emily through a model call I had posted this past month, and I had zero regrets booking these two! We had so much fun that I had to do an interview with them to get their take on how they felt about their session! But first here are my thoughts on how fun this session was!

Let us start from the beginning. I always start my session process with a phone or video call consultation. As soon as I got on the phone with Emily, I felt a connection! She seemed like so much fun and learning about her and Carson was such a treat. I felt like I was talking to a life long friend I was catching up with and someone I could click with immediately. There was no awkward silences and the conversation flowed so amazingly. This is what I strive for during my consultations! I want to connect with my clients and feel like they are family. The feeling where as soon as we start that session, I know this session will flow so easily.

During the session everything did flow 100%. I always have a bluetooth speaker with me to break the tension and also adds a little more fun to the session. Sometimes a client is nervous because they have never done a session before and didn't know what to expect. Sometimes my clients will hear their favourite song and start dancing around during their session and just be themselves. In this session, we used music to calm the nerves and it didn't take long! By the end of the first song we were already laughing and having such a great time. Carson & Emily didn't feel nervous anymore and their infectious laughter started pouring out of the two of them, while also including myself in all the fun and conversations.

Once their photos were sent to them in their gallery I got nothing but outpouring love and enjoyment of the photos that they received. Read below to see what they had to say!

Besides the model call, what made you decide to allow me to photograph the two of you?

"While speaking on the phone we felt very comfortable and knew it would be the perfect fit to have you do our photos for us! We had never gotten couples photos done before so we knew we needed to find someone who we could be ourselves with. "

What was the most memorable part of your session?

"We absolutely loved when the bird flew into our hands for the photos. It was absolutely perfect and something we will never forget!"

During your session, did you feel comfortable with Stefanie?

"We felt very comfortable with Stefanie! She made us feel like we could be ourselves and made the session feel natural. "

Are you satisfied with the final product of your photos?

"We absolutely LOVE our photos. They are everything we could have hoped for and more! We can’t wait to get some prints done to hang up around the house."

Would you book a session with Stefanie again?

"Yes! We had so much fun!"

Would you recommend Stefanie to friends or family members?

"Absolutely. We loved working with Stefanie and will recommend her to anyone who asks for a photographer recommendation."